KWERL External Auto Water Drain Valve BL-20B
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Picking the right drain valve can be tricky.  You need to consider initial cost, product reliability, operating cost, and any constraints that are unique to the application.
Auto drains remove condensed liquid – usually a mixture of water and compressor lubricant from compressed air systems.  Automatic drains are commonly installed on air receiver tanks, drip legs, bulk moisture separators, coalescing filters, refrigerated air dryers, and deliquescent air dryers.
As the name implies, auto drains remove human labor from the mix.  Buy an automatic drain valve and a maintenance worker no longer needs to patrol the plant, manually dumping liquid from the air system.
KWERL External Auto Water Drain Valve BL-20B(Plastic), also as the name implies, is installed outside of the bowl of a coalescing filter or moisture separator. It is the least expensive variety of auto drain and better than the Internal Float Drain that: 
  • Within the device is a float that normally seats on a small orifice. 
  • When liquid enters the drain the float rises off its seat, exposing the orifice and allowing liquid to discharge through the stem. 
  • As the liquid level drops, the float re-seats and seals the orifice. 
  • No compressed air vents in the process.
These types of drains are inexpensive and make clogging very noticable.  They are easy to maintain though we strongly recommend other models if you are using older Compressed Air systems that contain lots of dirt, dust, pipe scale, and oily water. 

These contaminants tend to plug the orifice within a float drain.  The orifice can also become partially obstructed, preventing the float from seating and allowing compressed air to continuously leak.  As you should know, leaking compressed air places an artificial load on your compressor and needlessly runs up your electric power bill.

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