Separator for Kobelco
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  • Compatible machines: Kobelco

  Machine Model   Part Number
AG280A-15/SG280A-15 P-CE03-596/592
AG390A-22  P-CE03-596/592
SG390-22 P-CE03-596/592
VS420A-22 P-CE03-596/592
AG580A-30 P-CE03-577
SG580A-30 P-CE03-577
AG720A-37 P-CE03-577
SG702A-37 P-CE03-577
VS730A-37 P-CE03-577
AG1070A-55 P-CE03-595
SG1070A-55 P-CE03-595
VS1020A-55 P-CE03-595
AG1490A-75 P-CE03-595
SG1490A-75 P-CE03-595
VS1500A-75 P-CE03-595
CM6U-5 4A11L01001P1
HM22A-5U 4H11L01013P2
HM37A-5U P-CE03-538
HM55A-5S P-CE03-517
HM75A-5S P-CE03-517#03
HM110A-5S P-CE03-542
KST15A/18A P-F03-3025-01
KST75W P-F03-517-03


OEM replacement parts for air compressor Kobelco.
*All replacement parts are 100% guaranteed and designed to exact OEM specifications, offering equal to or better performance based on each manufacturer’s stringent specifications.

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